Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The price of new apartments in 5 areas of Bucharest to increase by some 30%

The price of new apartments in the Tineretului, Titan, Militari, Colentina and Berceni areas will register a significant rise by the end of the year, of some 10-20 percent, and in some cases even 25-30 percent, according to consultants with the EuroMetropola real estate company.

“For example, while the current price in Colentina is €1,400-1,800/per square meter constructed, by the end of 2008 apartments in new buildings could sell for €1,800-2,500/per square meter. Similarly, a rise of some 25 percent is also expected in the Berceni area, where prices now range from €1,300-1,400/per square meter, but will reach €1,500-1,800/per square meter,” said Valeria Tudor, representative of EuroMetropola. (NewsIn)