Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Housing prices asked in Capital fell by more than 26% on average

The average price asked by owners in the Capital in January 2010, compared with same month of previous year, registered drops of over 26% for one-, two-, three- and four-rooms apartments, according to the monitoring report made by
Thus, the prices of one-room apartments were cheaper, from 57,594 euros to 42,467 euros, two-room apartments from 90,870 euros to 68,902 euros, three-room apartments from 132,569 euros to 95,021 euros and four room ones dropped from 168,061 euros (January 2009) to 124,832 euros (January 2010).
Compared to 2006, the prices are still much higher. In 2006, a one/room apartment cost 32,332 euros, on average, a two-room apartment 49,000 euros, a three-room apartment 62,647 euros and four-room apartments were valued at 100,346 euros on average.
"This year, January was more agitated than usual and this mainly because of the uncertainties related to the First Home programme. If the programme was initially blocked for a period of time, its imminent change was announced from mid-February. Some of those who now qualify for the programme rush to submit their files, to be sure they do not lose this opportunity, while those who still do not qualify, expect more relaxed conditions for the entry into the programme. In conclusion everyone keeps their eyes on prices and there has been a sudden surge of interest from potential buyers, at least at the exploratory level," reads the real estate monitoring report for January 2010, conducted by According to the source cited above, the number of apartments put on the market is also on a downward slope. In the first month of this year, the private owners put up for sale less than 1700 apartments. There were on the market 652 two-room apartments, 489 two-room apartments, 382 one-room apartments and 137 four-room apartments.
The statistics is based on the real estate offers in Bucharest, posted by private individuals in the printed media and on the internet, and the average price is obtained from the initial prices asked by the owners.

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