Friday, June 26, 2009

Odyssea residential complex sells 10 apartments in nine months

Residential complex Odyssea Residential, developed by Caterata and by Profit Building in the Sisesti area in North-Western Bucharest, will in a first phase consist of only two blocks with 50 apartments, out of a total of six buildings with 156 homes, announced when the project was launched in March. Profit Building and Caterata, a joint venture between Austrian Immoeast and Israeli New Horizon, have so far sold 20% of the first phase of the project, i.e. 10 homes nine months from the launch of the residential complex. "We are on schedule with delivering the apartments, which will happen in April 2010, as we promised buyers. 20% of the apartments of the Odyssea complex have been pre-contracted," said representatives of the developers. In order to stimulate the sales growth rate, developers changed the price offer, which started from 1,500 euros/square metre plus VAT. "The price is still 1,500 euros/square metre, but we can change this in order to adapt to the market trend. We offer a discount of 100 euros per square metre, free-of-charge financial assistance and fully equipped kitchens, in order to make the offer as affordable as possible," representatives of the developer added.