Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Old apartments in sector one are 7% cheaper

Prices of old apartments in Bucharest went down by less than 1% in June this year compared with the previous month, with the most significant decline being reported for homes in the Capital's sector one (-7%), according to the real estate index set up by real estate consultancy Colliers International. The average price of old homes in Bucharest reached 1,794 euros/square metre in June, compared with 1,808 euros/square metre in May, while apartments in sector one of the Capital, which includes districts such as Dorobanti, Aviatiei and Baneasa, reached 2,061 euros/square metre, following the price decline. According to the real estate index put together by ZIARUL FINANCIAR, apartments in the Aviatiei district became 23% cheaper in June, while in Dorobanti, prices asked by buyers were 16% lower than in May. However, apartments in the sector one of Bucharest (which covers the Northern part of Bucharest) remain the most expensive in the capital, with the second most expensive sector being the sector four, which includes districts such as Tineretului and Berceni, where the average price is 1,995 euros/square metre, according to Colliers.



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