Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Becali expects land prices to double in five years

Businessman George Becali, owner of the Steaua soccer club and one of the top land owners in Bucharest, said he was no longer interested in acquisitions since the outburst of the crisis, but is not willing to lower prices for land he plans to sell, although he currently has no buyers.

 “I am only selling, but will not lower prices. I am negotiating with speculators who want to buy cheaper land. I can hold on to that land, because there is no pressure on me to sell,” Becali told Business Standard. He expects to have more clients interested in that land next spring. 

With his Arcom construction company, he plans to build several residential buildings on part of the land. “I want to build apartments which I plan to sell at lower prices than those on the market, because I already have the land. After the buildings are finished, I will sell the land and the construction, and will make profit from the selling price,” he said. Becali added that he is not interested in other cities, because apartments there are much cheaper than in Bucharest, while construction costs are similar. 

Becali owns some 484 hectares of land, located on the outskirts of Bucharest and in the cities of Braila and Pitesti. In the past year alone, he earned some €100 million from selling several plots.


Source: http://www.standard.ro/articol_65526/becali_expects_land_prices_to_double_in_five_years.html

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